Mahnaz “My misconceptions of charlottetwon”

About three years ago my husband had a trip to charlottetown. When I asked him about the city he said ” it is very small there is nothing to do and you will not like it “.

After that I always thought what a boring city charlottetown is. I thought that there is not any mall in the town . Finally I came to charlottetwon. The weather was rainy however I thought at this season it would be warmer. At the first days my husband told me we can go to all parts of the city by walk but after one week we bought a car because the city was bigger than our imagination. Also there are so many beautiful places to visit that you should plan to visit them in different weeks.

On the other hand there are so many stores in charlottetown that you can find every thing in them. Before coming to this city I thought I should go to other cities to buy the things that I need. It was funny.

One thing that was really surprising for me is that  I did not see many tall buildings in charlottetwon. But I like the style of it.

 Another thing that was different from my imagination was the airport.  I expected to see a large airport like toronto`s but it is very small.

Despite all of these misconceptions I love charlottetown becuase it is quite, beautiful and  you don`t hear about crimes in it. But I hope to see more developments in charlottetown in near future.

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Land of confusion

Before I came to P.E.I., someone told me P.E.I.’ lobsters are very famous. I have eaten it many times in China, it is big and fat. It is from Australia. We eat as it was raw. And we make soup with the leaving skeleton that the meat have been eaten.

When I came to P.E.I, I found the weight of lobsters are better if it is less 2 pounds, and It was boiled. It is important things that the price is cheaper. You can eat enough if you want.

When we came here last year my husband listened the lobster was cheaper and delicious, he was very excited. He went to superstore and bought three at once. Then we have a deal supper. From then to now, we often bought lobsters.

My daughter said I must enjoy the lobster when I was in P.E.I.. After I go to other place, I won’t have regrets.

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My misconceptions for P.E.I. — Kiyomichi

     Before coming to PEI, I knew only a few things which  were “Anne of Green Gables”, small island, and isolated place in Canada etc. But after living in Charlottetown, I realized that my images of PEI really biased. I found many good things after coming PEI.

  A. Summer of PEI; I could enjoy PEI’s summer because the weather is comfortable and the landscapes of beach or villages are perfect.

  B. Beautiful autumn scene; I was stunned by the beauty of autumn leaves last fall.

  C. Personality of islanders; I am impressed by PEI people’s kindness.

     Acutually PEI is a small island and it’s slightly inconvenient for Japanese. For example, it’s hard to get our foods or Japanese TV programs. But I can get many good things. Therefore, I hope to stay in PEI as long as I can.

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Before I arrived in PEI, I had considered that charlottetown is a modern city like Toronto. After  I was familiar with this city, I found it has unique features.Charlottetown shows the warmest friendship to the visitors from all over the world.

When I juxt arrived in charlottetown, I thought it is peaceful,silent even a little bit boring. As time went by, I knew more about this city, I found that the city is passionate, and full of energy.

I used to eat small lobsters in Beijing, which added lots og peppers, very spicy. The lobsters in PEI give me a totally new understanding, meat of lobsters there are very fresh and soft. I think PEI has the best lobsters in the world.

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What are risks with using technology?–Dan

       New technologies are good things in themselves as long as human beings use them properly. Some people think technologies are evil as some new technologies can make things worse or even destroy the world, for example nuclear power. It is true new technologies sometime can be risky. But it’s not because of new technologies themselves, it depends on how people to utilize them. So we should welcome new technologies, however at the same time, to examine them carefully when we try to make them to be industrial.

        Risks of new technologies can be various as technology itself. For instance, we all think internet is good as it’s convenient to communicate online, but it can destroy people’s live when they are occupied for the whole day to play on it. Also, some people think internet can interfere people’s communication which could be worse than the traditional ways by less talking in person. Another example of nuclear problems–just happened in Japan. We can see how the technology can destroy people’s life. But still, I think, these bad things happen because we didn’t examine new technologies carefully. For internet, if people can use it properly, it can help in communication conveniently, especially long distance communication. We should keep an eye on how people use the internet and if we find someone is addicted to it, normally small group, we should generate some methods to regulate those who are addicted to internet.

           In general, new technologies do have risks, but it doesn’t mean we need to stand on where we are which means our society will not evolve anymore and our lives can be worse. On the contrary, we should work on technologies together and try to find a way to make our lives better.

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Although  technology development has a lot of benefits for the communities ,it could bring side effectsby itself.Some people has to lost their jobs  and  the competition for job vacencies will be on the rise .This condition make stress a lot for rivals. Because of the hectic life ,people are very busy so the spritual relationships between persons become colder and colder .

On the other hand the dependency to the machines and computers can decrease the creativity sensation of human being  so after a long time the life could be very boring and bleeking .

I believe that  if this process of technology enhancement continue, its souvenier will be deppression for the humanity.

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