Andres-Analyzing comments

Today’s story is about  Athletic Children. 

Making exercises is always healthy and necessary for every age but it should be fun too, especially for children who need to live their childhood. Unfortunally we have got a problem when we want to take them beyond to the fun part of the “game” and we make them profesionals athletes before becoming “profesionals kids”.

Let me state my point, what I’m saying is that coachs should teach how to enjoy a game first and not put a lot of pressure on his team since they are too young and then, only then, coachs could choose the ones who really want to walk along this beautiful and short life style.


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3 Responses to Andres-Analyzing comments

  1. What a good concept—“professional kids”! This is really great idea for all people who work with children to think about.

  2. The presence of coach is really huge for child athletes. Every coaches should consider how to make their athletes to be fun. Otherwise child athletes don’t keep their concentration. If they can’t get victory, coaches never say complaint. — Kiyomichi

  3. Erika says:

    I do agree with you, but sometimes coaches sees the potential in a kid and they do not want to work on it (as a kid sometimes they do not know what they really want) that when a coach has to push them a little, not too much…. And there, is where is the problem: the balance

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