Dan-Happyness is the most important!

Happyness & sucess, which is important for a child? I think to sacrifice happyness and other parts of child’s life to obtain success is not fair for children.

As children, they are supposed to grow up with health both in physical and mental sides. That’s all they need to do. If they can do more besides it, it’s wonderful. But to sacrifice happyness which may be harmful to their physical & mental healthy for success, it doesn’t worth it as it will be negative to people’s long term achivement when they grow up.

So my opinion is that, success is kind of thing for adults while growing up with happyness is the most imporatant for children.

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5 Responses to Dan-Happyness is the most important!

  1. Wow! I like your ideas! I think many children can be happy when they are competing and winning, but you are right when the sport gets too stressful it can take away from the child’s happiness!

  2. Considering happyness for children is most important thing for parents I believe. -Kiyomichi

  3. I agree with you because happiness is very important for a child, but don’t you think a child can be happy meanwhile he/she is a pro?


  4. I agree with. Nothing is better than happiness gives the young athlete. Happiness is a top priority for everybody.

  5. Memory says:

    I agree with. Adults should give priority to children’s happiness in childhood. Some happiness missed in childhood will not come back.

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