David-Balancing after-school sports for child

Keeping balanced activities for young kids is good for their health, education and quality of life. In real life more and more parents are under a lot of  pressure to make their children perfect. They don’t care about their interests and capablities. Furthermore, it makes them not have happy childhood memories.

I have two kids, boy is 9-year old and daughter is 6-year old. My son plays piano very well and he is willing to do this. He takes one hour lessons a week and practices 2 hours a day. He enjoys practicing and has time  to play with friends and family. My daughter dislikes piano. She chooses gymnastics and that she loves so much. She takes part in lessons 6 hours a week. She goes to dancing school 1 hour a week. She has a lot time to play with friends and to have fun with her family. I believe that  I have given them balanced after-school sports.

I don’t want to mention what benefits come from these sports. But I would like to share my experience with you. I can’t imagine that young children become involved in unbalanced program, where all the emphasis is put upon winning and success. In such a program, nothing is done to help them learn about his or her emotional self. It is bad for them.

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4 Responses to David-Balancing after-school sports for child

  1. I’m glad you are considering the emotional life of your children! They will be very grateful for that when they get older!

  2. Judy says:

    I agree with you! Keeping balance on activities is very important, may be I should reschedule my daughter’s timetable.

  3. I agree your idea. Balanced school sports make children to the balanced physical strength and mind, and it make them to enjoy their school life. — Kiyomichi

  4. I think you are lucky to have such wonderful children and I appreciate the way that you have raised them. Koorosh

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