Kiyomichi – My idea for child athletes

I know there are many child athletes who are trained with coach and parents. Especially they are  playing in the specific sports like Figure Skating, Gymnastic, Tennis etc.

Some athlets have gotten the success in younger age, but sometimes they encountered any problems after getting success. It is called as “Burnout Syndrome”. After getting the victory, some athletes doesn’t keep their motivation. And finally they decided the early retire without any significant reason. I don’t know why does it happen exactly but I suppose that too many trainings spoild their ordinal growing of mind. And their suppoting staffs also concentrated to focuss only their physical training. Therefore most of child athlets have a strong capability for their athletics but their mind is not growned according their age.

How to prevent that kind of problems? My ideas are as follows

  • Intensive mental training
  • Prohibit to play too young aged athlets
  • Periodical refreshment applied

Usually human’s life is longer than their athletic period. Appropreated education for child athlets is very important I believe.

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3 Responses to Kiyomichi – My idea for child athletes

  1. I agree that a child can not just focus only on their athletics, but also need to really get a good balanced education and social life. Erin

  2. You are right. To balance their lives better, childres can be sucessful athletes. Dan

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