Nelly-“What Are The Dangers Of Youth Sports?”


For many kids, playing sport can be a positive experience.
Sport will help them stay in shape physically and may also help keep them mentally sharp. Some studies show that sports can have a host of beneficial psychological effects. children and teens who gain a high level of physical activity such as from sport have better self-esteem than those who are more sedentary. Those who engage in physical activity often have better social  skill. Physical exercise such as that gained via sports helps to alleviate symptoms that are associated with mild to moderate depression. It also can reduce symptoms of anxiety. They also learn lessons about cooperation,sportsmanship,goal setting and competition.
But like any activity, youth sports have some disadvantages.
Burnout is a very real risk for a child in any sport, and it’s even more likely the sport becomes more of a chore than a game. Often kids put too much strain on growing muscles and bones without parents stepping in to help them stay safe. Certainly kids can get hurt in their first day of sport participation but cautious and coaches should be aware of the injury risks and make sure kids have the right equipment and activity schedule to increase their chances of remaining injury-free.
Several social pressures and abuses can affect young people in sports. Self-consciousness among lesser-developed teens can cause upset and doubt about performance ability as young teens compare themselves to fitter or sportier classmates. Highly competitive sports can also take their toll on your child. A coach or parent who pushes a child to achieve impossibly high standards or who abuses, name-calls or berates a child who does not perform as expected can cause serious damage to the child’s mental health. The psychological damage caused by such abuse is often a hidden danger of competitive sports.
Youth people who are well-organized and can balance the demands of school, family and other activities can usually slot sports into their lives without much trouble. But as youth sports have become more sophisticated such as year-round training programs for high school student the ability to manage all those demands becomes increasingly difficult.

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4 Responses to Nelly-“What Are The Dangers Of Youth Sports?”

  1. You definitely researched this topic! You have a great list of advantages and disadvantages! This is a really hard decision for parents to make but it is important for them to consider the positive with the negative as well. Erin

  2. Irene says:

    I am proud of you!!! You have special way of expressing your ideas and definitely you did your homework.

  3. judy says:

    I like your journal. You tell us benefits and disadvantages as a child athletes. You are right if one person has an experience on sport training, when he or she grows up and does other jobs, most of them has better self-esteem. This is definitely a good side for them. On the opposite side, he or she could have some disadvantages. So if the parents and the coach can help he or she quiet well, may by the thing can go to the right way. We hope and wish every child athlete can have happy and healthy childhood.

  4. Kiyomichi says:

    Well organized training is very effective for child athletes, but usually coach and parents often applies too much hard training for getting better result. This situation makes them increasing injury accident or mental problem like burnout. Well organized physical and mental training is very impotant for child athletes I believe. — Kiyomichi

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