Grocers in P.E.I–Dan

  When I first came to P.E.I, the grocers suprised me by selling some Asian foods. I thought there would not be any because we are far away from Asia. Grocers in P.E.I have changed a lot from providing only western cuisine to a variety of foods in the past couple of years. When more Asians come, grocers market their stores by offering more foods to meet the customers’ needs, so that they can make more profit.

  However, since our ethnic population is becoming bigger and more diverse, I think grocers should set up an area specifically for international foods, for example, a Chinese food area or a Japanese food area. This can help customers find their targets easier from many other food products.

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2 Responses to Grocers in P.E.I–Dan

  1. In China, is there an international part of your grocery store…I am interested because maybe the demand is not high for international foods. I notice in PEI grocery stores that the organization of the store is very deliberate, and I just wonder if there is a reason why grocery managers would NOT want to have all the Chinese food grouped together! you see…if they make you go down every aisle to find your particular brand of food, than it may allow you to spend more money! Do you agree!

  2. I agree your idea because the population of Asian immigrants will be increased. And the proving Asian groceries will charm Canadian peopple to find the new taste of cuisine. Long time ago Sushi was not familier but now it becomes very popular food actually. By Kiyomichi

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