Kiyomichi-What have the grocers done for ethnic customers

     When I came to Charlottetown, I had to begin cooking my meal myself in my apartment. Because Charlottetown is a small town and there are a few dining facilities. Then I went to buy groceries to the supermarket in Charlottetown. I could find the Japanese relative groceries but some foods which I need to cook Japanese cuisine were not found in the supermarket. Fortunately I could find those groceries in the Asian Food Shop which was established in Charlottetown. If that shop wasn’t there, I couldn’t make my meals. Most immigrants never forget thier own country’s cuisine and taste and they want to make their own cuisine themself. Canada is the most diverse country, so the grocers should survey their regional demographics and try to prepare the variety of groceries according to the each ethnic demands.

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2 Responses to Kiyomichi-What have the grocers done for ethnic customers

  1. Erin says:

    It is very important to keep your home country’s cuisine and taste when you come to a new country! I am glad that PEI is starting to recognize the importance of providing for newcomers to Canada, and I hope that more Canadians will try new foods that they see at the supermarkets in the international food aisle!

  2. I think that Charlottetown’s grocers had changed and prepared a lot of Asia foods and vegetables nowadays, but as an immigrant I find that it is not much to choose. I will be getting better in the future.

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