Kiyomichi – What are the risks with using¨technology?

     Using information technology is very convenient, but there are many risks as well. We can communicate to someone else anytime by using cellphone network. And we usually think it is possible to use this communication tool if accidents happen in the future. Highly developed societies have risks and everybody doesn’t know if their system is safe long term.

     Almost three months ago, a huge earthquake disaster had happened in Japan. After this disaster, most of communication systems were shut-down accidentally even far away from disaster area. Everybody had encountered many difficulties like no communication to the relatives, no transportation etc.

     We have to consider how to recover these difficulties if troubles happen. Japan is known for many earthquakes but most people didn’t consider how to make preparations for these disasters.

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1 Response to Kiyomichi – What are the risks with using¨technology?

  1. I agree with you.. nuclear energy is invented to prepare a better life for us but in japan it was a big problem. so I think scientists need more time to solve these problems.

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