mz. What are risks with using english

Athough technology will make a better life for us, we should be aware of its negative points too. We invent a device without paying attention to its  effects. Here are some negative and positive points about technology.

By doing all jobs with computers communication between people is going to decrease. Also abusing modern technology may cause some diseases like cancaer. Another negative point of technology is changing of the earth for example we have to cut trees for making railways. In recent decades,  global warming has changed the temperature and we face so much pollution.  Parents should take care of thier children more than before becuase some websites are not safe for children.

On the other hand, there are lots of positive points about technology that are realy helpful. For instance we can solve complicated math problems with modern technology or it helps us to discover new things about university.With cell phones we can talk with our friends that are in another city.By using TV we can be aware of other countries news. If electricity was not invented we should read books by candle.

So I think by using technology properly our quality of our life will  go up and  we have a green  earth that every body can live on happily.

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2 Responses to mz. What are risks with using english

  1. You’re right. We have to think how to use properly technology at the same time developping them.
    We cannont juste reject technology because of all its negative effects. Technology is increadible for a lot of things. From Corinne

  2. that is a good job and I agree with you.I hope that the mankind can find a good way for handling it. from S

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