Valerie. Superficial communication due to technology…

   I think that technology is good, and that it brought a big evolution to this world. Although, there are some risks attached to it. For instance, with all the devices surrounding us, like our cellphones, laptops, we get used to to ”talking” to our friends, family on Internet or by texting. People don’t really take time to schedule a lunch to see someone that they haven’t seen in a very long time; they prefer texting “how are you?”, because it’s faster, and easier. Also, even if two people are sitting together to chat, they will frequently check their cell, because they have one or two other conversations by text. So, we can notice that those are small examples of an superficial communication due to the technology.
  I also think that people don’t know how to engage in a good conversation anymore. Everyone is always stimulated by so much; for example, if you are bored you can play some games on your cell, go on Facebook or Twitter. If someone doesn’t know what to say to their friend, he can just take his cellphone, and entertain himself. Instead of thinking about some interests, asking sincerely how is he, talking about their dreams, opinions on this or that… I think that people will become more and more lazy if they can’t turn off their phone, or at least, put it away for a moment and appreciate wath is happening around them, analysing the moment and enjoying it!

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One Response to Valerie. Superficial communication due to technology…

  1. Completely right with you. Technology replace boring time. We have always something to do and we are no more able to stay quiet and just live the experience of the silent. That is another problem of technology. Thank you for your writing. From Corinne.

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