What are risks with using technology?–Dan

       New technologies are good things in themselves as long as human beings use them properly. Some people think technologies are evil as some new technologies can make things worse or even destroy the world, for example nuclear power. It is true new technologies sometime can be risky. But it’s not because of new technologies themselves, it depends on how people to utilize them. So we should welcome new technologies, however at the same time, to examine them carefully when we try to make them to be industrial.

        Risks of new technologies can be various as technology itself. For instance, we all think internet is good as it’s convenient to communicate online, but it can destroy people’s live when they are occupied for the whole day to play on it. Also, some people think internet can interfere people’s communication which could be worse than the traditional ways by less talking in person. Another example of nuclear problems–just happened in Japan. We can see how the technology can destroy people’s life. But still, I think, these bad things happen because we didn’t examine new technologies carefully. For internet, if people can use it properly, it can help in communication conveniently, especially long distance communication. We should keep an eye on how people use the internet and if we find someone is addicted to it, normally small group, we should generate some methods to regulate those who are addicted to internet.

           In general, new technologies do have risks, but it doesn’t mean we need to stand on where we are which means our society will not evolve anymore and our lives can be worse. On the contrary, we should work on technologies together and try to find a way to make our lives better.

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