Mahnaz “My misconceptions of charlottetwon”

About three years ago my husband had a trip to charlottetown. When I asked him about the city he said ” it is very small there is nothing to do and you will not like it “.

After that I always thought what a boring city charlottetown is. I thought that there is not any mall in the town . Finally I came to charlottetwon. The weather was rainy however I thought at this season it would be warmer. At the first days my husband told me we can go to all parts of the city by walk but after one week we bought a car because the city was bigger than our imagination. Also there are so many beautiful places to visit that you should plan to visit them in different weeks.

On the other hand there are so many stores in charlottetown that you can find every thing in them. Before coming to this city I thought I should go to other cities to buy the things that I need. It was funny.

One thing that was really surprising for me is that  I did not see many tall buildings in charlottetwon. But I like the style of it.

 Another thing that was different from my imagination was the airport.  I expected to see a large airport like toronto`s but it is very small.

Despite all of these misconceptions I love charlottetown becuase it is quite, beautiful and  you don`t hear about crimes in it. But I hope to see more developments in charlottetown in near future.

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