Land of confusion

Before I came to P.E.I., someone told me P.E.I.’ lobsters are very famous. I have eaten it many times in China, it is big and fat. It is from Australia. We eat as it was raw. And we make soup with the leaving skeleton that the meat have been eaten.

When I came to P.E.I, I found the weight of lobsters are better if it is less 2 pounds, and It was boiled. It is important things that the price is cheaper. You can eat enough if you want.

When we came here last year my husband listened the lobster was cheaper and delicious, he was very excited. He went to superstore and bought three at once. Then we have a deal supper. From then to now, we often bought lobsters.

My daughter said I must enjoy the lobster when I was in P.E.I.. After I go to other place, I won’t have regrets.

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