mz. What are risks with using english

Athough technology will make a better life for us, we should be aware of its negative points too. We invent a device without paying attention to its  effects. Here are some negative and positive points about technology.

By doing all jobs with computers communication between people is going to decrease. Also abusing modern technology may cause some diseases like cancaer. Another negative point of technology is changing of the earth for example we have to cut trees for making railways. In recent decades,  global warming has changed the temperature and we face so much pollution.  Parents should take care of thier children more than before becuase some websites are not safe for children.

On the other hand, there are lots of positive points about technology that are realy helpful. For instance we can solve complicated math problems with modern technology or it helps us to discover new things about university.With cell phones we can talk with our friends that are in another city.By using TV we can be aware of other countries news. If electricity was not invented we should read books by candle.

So I think by using technology properly our quality of our life will  go up and  we have a green  earth that every body can live on happily.

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Kiyomichi – What are the risks with using¨technology?

     Using information technology is very convenient, but there are many risks as well. We can communicate to someone else anytime by using cellphone network. And we usually think it is possible to use this communication tool if accidents happen in the future. Highly developed societies have risks and everybody doesn’t know if their system is safe long term.

     Almost three months ago, a huge earthquake disaster had happened in Japan. After this disaster, most of communication systems were shut-down accidentally even far away from disaster area. Everybody had encountered many difficulties like no communication to the relatives, no transportation etc.

     We have to consider how to recover these difficulties if troubles happen. Japan is known for many earthquakes but most people didn’t consider how to make preparations for these disasters.

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Valerie. Superficial communication due to technology…

   I think that technology is good, and that it brought a big evolution to this world. Although, there are some risks attached to it. For instance, with all the devices surrounding us, like our cellphones, laptops, we get used to to ”talking” to our friends, family on Internet or by texting. People don’t really take time to schedule a lunch to see someone that they haven’t seen in a very long time; they prefer texting “how are you?”, because it’s faster, and easier. Also, even if two people are sitting together to chat, they will frequently check their cell, because they have one or two other conversations by text. So, we can notice that those are small examples of an superficial communication due to the technology.
  I also think that people don’t know how to engage in a good conversation anymore. Everyone is always stimulated by so much; for example, if you are bored you can play some games on your cell, go on Facebook or Twitter. If someone doesn’t know what to say to their friend, he can just take his cellphone, and entertain himself. Instead of thinking about some interests, asking sincerely how is he, talking about their dreams, opinions on this or that… I think that people will become more and more lazy if they can’t turn off their phone, or at least, put it away for a moment and appreciate wath is happening around them, analysing the moment and enjoying it!

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Grocers in P.E.I–Dan

  When I first came to P.E.I, the grocers suprised me by selling some Asian foods. I thought there would not be any because we are far away from Asia. Grocers in P.E.I have changed a lot from providing only western cuisine to a variety of foods in the past couple of years. When more Asians come, grocers market their stores by offering more foods to meet the customers’ needs, so that they can make more profit.

  However, since our ethnic population is becoming bigger and more diverse, I think grocers should set up an area specifically for international foods, for example, a Chinese food area or a Japanese food area. This can help customers find their targets easier from many other food products.

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